Hande Manufacturing Services

At Hande, we understand our customers' needs for a reliable and responsible chemical manufacturing partner. We offer the high level of customer service that is required to supply pharmaceutical and agrochemical markets.

Our facilities maintain a strong focus on process safety and environmental management. As part of our management system, Hande has developed a detailed technology transfer program to ensure safe transfer and scale up our customers' products and technology. We also meet all regulatory requirements for products, packaging and transport.

Hande's flexible manufacturing platform allows us to consistently meet our customers' product quality needs, while providing a high level of customer service and prompt response time.

Large Scale Synthesis

pictureIf you need milligram quantities of material, think of our company. Our staff has a proven track record of preparing a wide range of compounds on an equally wide range of scales.

As your requirements expand, our scientists meet your needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Since the initial synthesis used to prepare a few milligrams may not be suitable to prepare tens to hundreds to thousands of grams of your target, our staff will adapt and adopt a synthesis that makes the best sense for your needs and expectations.


Scale Up

If you already have a demonstrated route and need it reproduced in a timely and efficient manner, our staff will meet or exceed your expectations. Along the way, we will identify and develop steps as appropriate for scale or safety considerations.

Process Optimization

We can develop new and proprietary routes to existing compounds. We will also take an existing synthesis and develop a scalable process using our in-house talent and state-of-the-art technology, including statistical design of experiments, real-time reaction monitoring to generate detailed reaction/impurity profiles, and further process development. Our staff has experience developing and transferring projects from our research laboratories to pilot plant. Whether it's developing a new process or improving an existing synthetic route, Hande can make an impact in the following areas:

• Reducing the number of synthetic steps and costs
• Increasing process efficiency, yield and throughput
• Replacing dangerous or environmentally unsuitable chemistries;
• Working with complex molecules and multi-step syntheses;
• Developing and optimizing existing processes to produce syntheses amenable to commercial manufacturing

Manufacturing Contact

  • Email: zmao@handechem.com
  • Phone: +86 512 8886 5304

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